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There is No Excuse for Child Abuse or Abuse of Anyone

Amor Milagre No Excuse for Child Abuse A Gentle Life Book Collection all ages & genders Ethical Handmade Gift Shop Art Organic Baby & Child amormilagre.comWe are all babies…just of different ages.  There is no excuse for child abuse, and since we are all children, there is no excuse for abuse of anyone, no matter their age.  If you were abused, you cannot continue the damage on your children, Self, or others.  You must heal yourself, and know yourself, and not put yourself in situations where you could harm someone.  Seek help and help yourself.  Examine your thoughts.  It takes you to choose to unlearn the negatives and learn what you want to know:  Love.  Heal with Love.  Love is already and always within you.  Feel you are Love, for you are whole.

Abuse is a pollution that spreads quickly and roots deeply.  Abuse is not OK, and there is no excuse.  Beware of false apologies/promises.  Abuse takes many shapes, and the boundaries are easily crossed once one kind of abuse has been acted upon.  Violence makes more violence, and this solves nothing.  Problems can be resolved with calm, loving communication.  Love can change our world from ‘violent’ to ‘peaceful’.  We must change the chain reactions we spread to be positive ones, for everywhere we go we take our energy.  Let our energy be healthy and positive to inspire others to feel loved and loving inwards and outwards.  Dissolve fear and don’t project your fears on others, especially not in the form of abuse, and not on children.

Everyone deserves respect and safety.  Healing may take time, but if you change your attitude to being loving and patient with yourself, you’ll learn how to be loving and patient with others.  No one can heal abusive people for them, but abusive people can heal themselves (away from those they hurt).  It is their responsibility to heal themselves and replace harmfulness with helpfulness.  Protect people who are being harmed in any way.

If one person is harmed, it negatively affects the history of All in the Universe.  Even one negative thought ripples out and hurts everyone.  There is more to this world than people sense.  We all need to move in the direction of Love, all the time, and then everyone will be what they need.

If someone harms you, do not believe their negative words about you.  You are a beautiful soul and loved by the Universe.  We each have our own power to think about ourselves how we like.  Don’t harm yourself or others because others harm you.  Pain may be familiar, but it’s not healthy or comforting.  Knowing what pain is like is not your fault, but you can overcome it, and choose good health for yourself in everything you do and think.  Love is the way to heal from pain.  Find positive ways to replace harmful habits with healthy ones.  Your thoughts and body are sacred for you to care for.  We have a choice to believe we are loved and wonderful, no matter who is around us.  If others have a problem, it is their problem to resolve on their own (away from those they were hurting), and the people being hurt are not the source.  People have no right to lash out at others because they are hurting.  Parents need to take healthy, loving care of their children with endless patience.  Children need to know that their world is safe and their bodies and beings are respected.  Everything is new for them in this life.  Let’s allow their worlds to be beautiful, healthy, and loving.  Their world is theirs to explore, and they need healthy guides for learning positive ways to care for themselves.

People of all ages need to feel free to ask for help, without the fear of something equally harmful or worse happening to them in the process.  Let the world change from spending money on violence to designing a reliable world-wide system for abuse survivors to be truly helped whenever needed.  This system can educate all to prevent abuse, too.  It can be added into every annual school curriculum as a whole class, for all genders.  A class with no tests, other than Life.  A class to raise awareness about abuse and bullies, self care, how to prevent and protect, how to heal, how to seek help, how to help others, and how to not abuse others or the Self.  Abuse happens everywhere, every day.  Most people don’t ask for help.  Who can they ask?  Who can they trust?  Children are mostly home, so how can anyone know to help?  Do they know what ‘abuse’ is?  Just because ‘it’s the way it is” and the life they know doesn’t mean it’s healthy or the way life could be.  Where is a system that truly helps?  Awareness is key.  Help people when you see they need it.  How could we know where to ask for help?  Of all the things our world needs, this helpful system would be extremely beneficial to the whole-health of all.  Reporting abuse is very important because it is so common and destructive.  With the current systems, when a survivor bravely reports abuse, what really happens?  Do they get the help they need?  Reporting abuse is important to make an awareness of how common this issue is, to protect individuals and future survivors, and to help ourselves stand up to violence in peaceful ways.  What could be truly helpful for them?  Who is there to listen and teach them about how wonderful they are?  The world needs patience and Love to help.  The world needs to refocus funds and jobs to be in the direction of helping because there are so many people in need of help.

We can choose goodness for ourselves, starting with our thoughts.  Thoughts turn into actions, so be mindful to layer Love into all of your thoughts.  You deserve to feel that you are Love.  Your soul, mind, body, heart, and energy are pure Love.  Be Love!  Be purely you!  Live in the Light!

Children are everything good!  Each person is unique and has their own needs, so be patient and change your perspective to help them if you don’t see solutions to your questions.  They look to you for help.  Do not harm children in any way.  This universal message is important to remember always in everything we do and say.  No one has the right to harm.  Everyone can live peacefully and respectfully in Love for All.

Remember:  Is this helpful or harmful?  Am I helping or harming?  Be helpful for yourself, everyone, and everything.  Positivity is powerful and healing.

I send healing Love out to All.  xoxo ~Amor Milagre

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