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Sound Pollution: Quiet the Machines of Humans. Connect to a Sense of Nature.

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Humans make and use loud polluting machines that are impairing all of our health and the energy of the universe and beyond.  Quiet now, unplug, stop, balance, listen, and prevent more of what has already damaged so many, so much, even at this moment.  Hearing and vibration, sound waves and clarity of thought, brain and balance, think about the connections.  The connections are universal and infinite.  Not only the air we breathe is polluted, but the air we are experiencing on every level is coated in poison.  How can humans make good decisions if their bodies are not in balance on the most basic levels of peace in their environment?  Human systems are only increasing in high sound levels, but you can start with you.  What levels of sound are you putting out each moment?  How do you speak or express?  How are you polluting?  What do you have power of?  How can you change your ways to be healthier?  Walk, cycle, shop local, report sound levels every time, be aware, and make positive changes. 

How do you use electronics and motorized machines?  Silence them and respect your environment.  Anything electrical puts out a constant frequency.  Reduce the amount of processing we have to do in order to have simple daily routines.  How easily do you feel flustered and unbalanced?  How are you sleeping?  What frequencies disturb your sleep cycles?  Which kitchen appliances do you have, and how are they affecting your health?  Nature can be loud enough with thunder and crickets, so let’s not add unending layers of unnatural noise on top of her passing rhythms.  Turn off computers and devices to reduce energy being taken from you and everyone around you.  What is natural and what is not?  Surround yourself in Nature, and let others do the same for themselves.

If you pollute the universe, you are directly polluting yourself.  Your soul’s memory remembers everything, so it is in everyone’s best interest to take care of themselves and everything around them.

Plants (food) are also damaged by sound pollution.  Build sustainably and test sound levels and frequencies before coming up with new ‘safety standards’.  Base the standards to be even more sensitive than the most sensitive people’s needs.  Base them on the most inner level and effects on the body.  Why is ‘everyone’ sick?  ‘Everyone’ pollutes, and then they expect someone else to fix the issue, feeling they are personally removed or excused from responsibility.  But…Everyone needs to be aware and work together to make positive changes.  Look at the universe without veils or excuses.  What is real?  Connect to everything.  What is really happening out there and right here to each person’s whole health?  Our nervous systems are delicate and are greatly altered by machine vibration.  You take in energy around you, and everything is around you, so let’s allow everything to be in harmony, including us.  The human body is a natural machine, and without Nature, the machine cannot run as intended.  We are not complete without the universe, as we are a part of it.  Connect to be your true Self.

Shift the job focus of scientists from developing more drugs to allowing for simple, natural preventative measures with true studies to back up why pollution needs to change positively and be restored back to Nature.  Stop polluting water so that the water clean up systems aren’t needed/ loud / using energy.  Where do the toxins go?  Do you want to swim in the same water where a boat is directly polluting?  Plant gardens and stop loudly paving over our resources with toxic man-made chemicals.  How much has been lost?  Bring back and encourage the bees, insects, and animals left, to a place of flowers and natural sounds and rhythms.  Ground down to the Earth’s naturalness and connect not to the humans’ machines, but to the universe’s infinite system of connections.  There we will find the energy we have always wanted to connect with:  Love & Light.

Refuse to be in places and report places that are loud:  houses & neighbourhoods, the work place, restaurants, beaches, cities, transportation, celebrations, vehicles, construction, movie theaters, concerts, etc.  Measure sound levels and identify sources.  Issue complaints.  Find alternate solutions.  Hearing loss affects mostly everyone.  If you’re thinking, “That’s the way it is,” remember: it wasn’t how it was, or how it will have to be to continue living, so let’s change it.  Stop this constant struggle to retain our energy, so we may be free to be our True Selves, healthy, smiling, and loving.  One issue with health snowballs into the destruction of the machine, which affects all around it or depending on it, and ripples out into the Universe.  The positive changes for improving sound pollution will not be able to be labeled on a bottle or become a marketing trick fad.  The results will be audible…the sounds of the birds and bees…the sound of your Inner Voice, your Higher Self…guiding you to the goodness of real Love that you can have all of the time!  It’s within you all of the time.  You are Love!  Be Love, Be Purely You.

Humans, we were not meant to create, to compete with Nature, to take her over, or to try to outsmart her.  We are a part of Nature, not separate or superior.  Nothing humans make can compare to Nature.  Nature’s cycles and organic ways of recycling can inspire us.  We need to learn how to harmonize once again.  The sounds of man-made machines are not in harmony with Nature’s Choir.  Our voices are.  We can use our inventive gifts to design ways to heal from pollution and allow for new routines with full-circle health at the center.

Let’s live peacefully, gently, and respectfully.  Let’s make big changes by making small changes.  One change in attitude, harmful to helpful, equals the solution to every problem in the universe.  Pollution affects everyone and everything, and it is extremely painful for sensitive/aware people, and those with hyperacusis.  The Earth’s children are not being given a chance to be their natural, true, real Self.  They are injured from the start, and they don’t know the difference of how things could be positive for them.  By the time they may think of how to make changes, they are sick.  It is simple to prevent, but complex to heal.  Think about energy levels.  It takes more energy to undo negativity than to stay positive.  Depollute minds of negative teachings.  We have the power to change pollution, so let’s do it today and every day.  There are endless ways to heal from and prevent pollution.  Listen to Nature, for Nature is what we are and need.  Illness, miscommunication, and negativity will fall away if we connect to the sense of Nature.  Can you sense her?  Where is she, untouched by pollution?  Where is she?  Live in the Light!  Love, ~Amor Milagre  [This text is included in my A Gentle Life Book Collection]

Music of the Moment:  Instant Karma, John Lennon

An Accurate Children’s Book about Pollution:  The Wump World, by Bill Peet