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10 Helpful Tips For Healthy New Beginnings

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Whether you’re moving to a new home or job, switching schools, beginning college, in or out of a relationship, getting married, having a baby, or moving yourself into a more positive mindset, these tips may be helpful as you embrace your new adventures.  Find joy in custom designing a fresh healthy lifestyle, tailored just for you.  We’ve met so many new people this year and many more this month.  I’m posting these tips to answer some recent questions sent to my inbox and asked while on outtings as we prepare to move to our next adventure.  Every day, no matter your age, we begin again.  This happy thought entices new ideas and old pleasures to be brought in the Summer sunlight to play, laugh, and plan for longterm Love and blissful moments today.  (This text appears in my upcoming healthy lifestyle book).  Happy brave and glorious planning!  XOXO ~Amor Milagre

  1.   Gentle, loving processing frees up your mind to new possibilities.  Plan and organize, but leave space in your days for healthy breathing which leads to new ideas.  The truth of Nature surfaces when you take a break to breathe and rest.
  2.   Researching and exploring new places of interest for today’s needs and wants is a journey all of her own.  Keep a funny journal of what you find along the way.
  3.   Think about the qualities of character traits you’d like to attract in new friends.  For example:  kind, compassionate, patient.  What loving traits do you want to have for your own character?
  4.   Keep on the lookout for fun, healthy activities you can safely do on your own and with the community.  Trying new positive things may lead to unexpected smiles.  Unpack and make your new home your own.  If not moving and want a new home feeling, minimal changes like fresh paint and new colours for accent pieces can transform the mood of a room.
  5.   If in school or college, which classes can you choose or focus on?  What brings you joy?  What clubs, extra classes, or events can you attend to learn something new?  Research what would help you with your interests.  Which study abroad programs or internships could be healthy choices for you?  Which jobs are healthy options that will aid you in the future, if even for quicker motor skills or schedule planning diligence?  Plan for yourself, even if the curriculum wasn’t designed for you.  Ask if you can design your schedule.  They may be impressed with your inventiveness and allow you to substitute or add extra classes you want to learn more about.  What can you learn on your own, and how can you share this wonder with others?  Everything you learn helps you learn something else.  Don’t let people pressure you or make decisions for you.  It’s your life.  It takes time to find what you love in this varied and expansive series of made up jobs.  Everyone has natural gifts.  These gifts may or may not be involved with your passions.  You are allowed to enjoy many things, have a few different jobs at once, or several various aspects within one career.  One thing leads to another, and you can choose what you do and in which direction to move next.  Life is ever-evolving and we cannot be labeled or boxed into one word, department, title, or major.  We are made up of infinite words and feelings without words.  Let’s always be learning…for there is always something new and exciting to learn!
  6.   Asking polite, brief questions is a great way to find things that interest you.  If in a new country, learn the customs for proper greetings when asking questions of new people.  Often times, your dreams are not posted on a bulletin board in town, on campus, or online.  You may have to start something new that may attract healthy like-minded people.
  7.   If places, people, or programs don’t add positivity to your life, you have the power to choose something else.  Begin healthy patterns and habits, careful to not repeat negative ones.  Say no to all kinds of abuse.  Reporting abuse is important to protect yourself and others after you.  It’s tricky, so you need to stay safe and healthy.  The people you report it to may not actually help you, but your voice is heard and this can help you heal.  The recorded case could help to stop it if it happens again to someone else or make awareness to prevent it.  Abuse is much too common and needs more awareness to make positive changes for everyone.  Believe in your Self and be smart.  Do what you need for yourself to be healthy and feel safe, healing as you go.  Most abusive people pretend to believe that they are not hurting anyone.  Remove yourself from manipulative situations and don’t waste time trying to “make sense” of abuse.  Abuse doesn’t “make sense” because it’s destructive and because the senses are designed to keep you safe and healthy.  Love is not destructive.  Resolve issues kindly, without gossip, and hear both sides with compassion.  Have a laugh with someone, and not at someone.  There are so many fun, kind ways to live.  What is yours today?
  8.   What do you need and want?  What don’t you need or want?  Write it out, and you may be surprised what appears on the paper.  Update as you go and reread old lists to stay true to reoccurring needs and feelings.
  9.   Steady your pace and customize your natural, healthy routine.  Manage priorities in organized, realistic ways to reduce stress.  Set boundaries, goals, and work time limits.  There is no rush, no matter where you are or who you’re around.  Choose this moment to live in.  Plan wisely and develop positive, creative flexibility when changes are needed.  Use a healthy perspective and neutral accurate language to keep yourself real in dramatic situations.  Being efficient is faster than the stressful panic of false urgency.  Keep calm, work, and then go home.  Try to do what you love, so you’re truly living wherever you are.  If you can’t do what you love, or don’t know your passions yet, working to help others at a company that doesn’t harm anyone or anything is also a great option.  The clock won’t tick as loudly if you enjoy your work.  Your days will flow sweetly and you’ll end up with work you love and a schedule that lets the wind dance in your hair.
  10.   Always stay true to your Inner Self, in the moment, and process each day, so you may be open, clear, and aware to choose goodness for yourself as you go.


It’s a new day!  What would you just Love to do?

You are strong and delicate, take the greatest care in being Purely You.


A special note to all of the younger people I’ve recently met who are looking for Summer internships and jobs:  Congratulations on your graduation!  Thank you sincerely for asking me, but even though I don’t have employees and it’s just me here, I’m am here, so send me a message any time if needed.  I designed my process to suit our lifestyle and evolving routines, as my process really is just that I’m working all of the time, even when dreaming.  All of the pictures and stories are inspired from our life moments.  This is why I call Amor Milagre a company for Authentic Romantics.  I am real and so are my collections, sincere and loving.  Keep asking companies until you find a positive place to work that will help you with your goals. 

It’s good practice to ask, gaining confidence each time.  Remember when interviewing or working for people, that they are just people, regardless of titles and words.  They all eat, sleep, and want the same things:  to love and be loved, to create and share.  If they are frustrated with their personal life and try to take it out on you, that’s not your fault, and you don’t have to take it.  You can report it and ask to be transferred or have a meeting with HR saying there needs to more of a professional, respectful attitude.  People need to learn how to sort emotions in healthy ways and not hurt the world just because they are hurting.  So no need to be intimidated or nervous.  You can learn how to do a new job well by trying your best, being on time, asking respectful questions, taking self-helpful notes, and presenting your ideas.  Stand up for your work if someone tries to take credit for it. 

Research companies, ask to shadow for a day, and say why you want the job or why you don’t.  Is the working environment healthy, what are the hours, pay, and benefits?  Interviews can be double-sided.  Prepare questions to ask your potential employers.  It’s not just about you getting the job before someone else snaps it up, it’s also about if you want to work and spend time there.  What do they do?  Are they an ethical company?  Asking to see where you would work and meet the people you’d be working for before accepting the position and paying attention when you meet them can help you in the long run.  The way jobs are presented needs to change to be suitable for both the employers and the employees.  This can change if the workforce changes it.  Ask questions.  Why would an employee want to be a part of their company?  How will this be a positive experience for them, the makers, and the company’s consumer audience?  Be your unique Self and love that everyone is their unique Self.  Being unique connects us all together.  If you can’t find a place of employment that meets your goals and needs, you can make one.  What are your passions now?  See what they will lead to later on.  Ask for help if needed, keep asking until you find help, and help yourself by staying aware and independent.  Never forget or lose yourself, you are enough, you are Love. 

I am working on something positive that everyone can be included and involved in.  Keep checking back for the release of this fun new project…and in the meantime this journal, shop, and book collections are here to help you with your daily connection with your Self and the Universe.

You are all very beautiful souls! 

Love & Peace, ~Amor Milagre


Coming Up:  New Books & Summer Collections!  


Music of the Moment:  If You Want to Sing Out, Sing Out, Cat Stevens

Kat Dennings, Charlie Bartlett Movie Soundtrack (Love & Peace to Anton Yelchin, a smiling soul.)