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Pleasures for the Weekend: Spring 2019

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Planting seeds of goodness for a lovely Spring & Summer.  Tidying the gardens and potting up some fresh soil to plant organic basil seeds to enjoy in Summer’s dishes.  Reading Spring faerie poetry to help the seedlings grow strong and healthy.  Inventing a few simply wonderful organic ways to celebrate Spring and this Easter weekend.  What do you enjoy planning for your weekend?

We love to splash in puddles outside on fresh rainy days or at a local plant nursery.  Devising edible planting lists and layouts in sketchbooks while watching Gardner’s World is very fun with a cozy cup of tea and fresh cream clothes.  The windows open for fickle winds to breeze through our hair.  Drawing new book illustrations in candlelit evenings to low tender violin hums, when all the world is asleep, tickles the imagination and delights my dreams.  Writing about our week in letters accompanied by astounding drawings, with stamps placed proudly by little bunny paws.  Visiting the new fleecy lambs at a local farm is a special Easter tradition.  A gentle lifestyle reminder whirls in our hearts when we smile and quietly cheer them on as they learn to walk.  All of the sheep smile, too.  It’s the natural way for all of us, remember?  Enjoying the week and now enjoying the weekend. 

Getting personal items ready to sell & replace is on the list.  Did you know little bunnies grow quickly sometimes in great bunny spurts?  Must be what comes from eating so much lettuce.  A pleasure we have each season is carefully choosing new children’s clothing and also making seasonal collections.  I’ll soon release a collection of organic apparel that I make for us.  Now you can wear these lovely healthy items, too!  I’ll also release another new collection, this time ethical woodworking! These original designs include handmade dollhouses, home & garden gifts, and also unique pyrographs. So much of what we do is catching up, so when we carve time for new adventures and fresh air, we have energy to catch up with all those little weekly necessities.  This is a beautiful process that allows for more adventures big or as small as writing a letter or getting my new ethical stationery collection ready for you to shop.  Letter writing is a great passion of ours and a freeing form of expression.  Try even writing to yourself today, and see what comes of it!  Did you know that about yourself?  More on this is coming up in some new uniquely designed book collections!

This weekend, we’ll try a different local Spring Festival.  We’re building positive traditions for our family to enjoy each season, while keeping our sensitive needs met.  So many festivals are overwhelming, energy-draining, and unhealthy.  We find ways to do what feels good and fun.  A quiet picnic at a local park or beach is on the list.  Being out in vast Nature feels nourishing for a fresh season and a healthy holiday.  Happy Spring to you and your Dear Ones!  XOXO ~Amor Milagre

Amor Milagre Easter 2019 Pleasures for the Weekend Spring Ethical Organic Gift Shop Handmade Gift Shop Art Vegan Baby & Child
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*A warm Thank You! to all of our Dear Customers who bought gifts from my Shop this Spring to fill May Day & Easter Baskets for Dear Ones!  I love being a part of your thoughtful and loving gift-giving!  It’s truly why I made this shop.  Thank you for supporting Amor Milagre.  This helps our family live a healthy life here at Dove Cottage.  Supporting small businesses all over the world is very important and life-changing!  This is especially true for sensitive people like us, who are environmentally allergic to the usual business place.  We design our lifestyle and encourage others to create what they need to be healthy.  When there seems to be no healthy options to be found, one must create what is needed.  Ever since I was a little bunny, I have been designing this company for myself and future family so that we could truly Live!  Quietly and sweetly.  There is SO much more to release, tip of the iceberg.  Endless ideas are hard to catch up on, but I work all the time, even when dreaming.  I adore reading your loving comments and messagesGifts from the heart are remembered and loved with great fondness and often passed on to new Dear Ones. *Remember, you don’t have to give a thing to show Love.  Being your true self is a gift to the Universe and for everyone who meets you.

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