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Colour Mood Gift Guide: Cream Blush Pink + Ethical Fashion & Personal Style Tips 2019

Amor Milagre Spring Fashion Personal Style 2019 Cream Blush Pink custom colour mood Ethical Handmade Gift Shop Art Apparel Organic Vegan Women's design

Soft, rejuvenating, purifying, and cozy.  Cream, blush, dusty rose, nude, pink feel good as the week’s basic neutral for my small, romantic wardrobe.  Minimal feels good here, working together, and always finding what I desire that day.  What are your neutral colours?

Coming Up:  More from The Colour Mood Series.

This journal post is a part of a new series by Amor Milagre that provides Designer Tips for a Gentle Life:  Ethical Fashion Design & Personal Style.  Many more Colour Moods for women, men, Baby & Child are coming up!  Film will follow shortly here.  There are so many connections made by colour.  Memory-driven and emotional connections.  To explore this further, please check out my upcoming Design BooksView the Colour Mood Journal Post & Gift Guide for Raspberry Plum here.

Amor Milagre Spring Fashion Personal Style 2019 Cream Blush Pink teddy coat espadrilles colour mood Ethical Handmade Gift Shop Art Apparel Organic Vegan Women's design

It’s important and wonderful that more and more brands are using transparent, ethically sourced, fair trade practices.  I still can’t recommend any specific brand other than my Amor Milagre, as I don’t know the bones and complete life cycle of other brands.  Amor Milagre is a transparent brand, and I list every ethical material on each product page.  Eventually, it will be easier to shop when everything is non-toxic and mindfully made.  But, I am sharing tips for building a wardrobe that is tailored for your beautiful body and is responsible for the environment and makers.  These photos feature my personal wardrobe.  This is about colour mood.  I do make much of my clothing with certified organic materials.  New organic, non-toxic apparel collections will release this year in my shop.

Most apparel collections are made up of fashion trends.  These are recycled ideas from other time periods or ‘new’ combination ideas from top designers or street style & culture.  Usually, there is a Pantone colour of the year for more corporate design houses.  Many independent brands are not influenced by that colour for their collections.  Often, designers take inspiration from cultures, places, and Nature.  I do not use trend forecasting, colours of the year, or any other designer influences for my seasonal collections.  I am inspired by Nature, our healthy lifestyle, my imagination and senses.  I am also inspired by connections that feel familiar from other times in the way of textures and colours from Nature.  Inspiration is endless, and there is no need for designers to copy or look to another for ‘what to do’ each season.  I’ve always thought how beautiful the collections each season would be if everyone was true to their own design sense, and there would be no trends, just amazing collections and designer inspiration stories to explore.  As a shopper, you can still be as inspired in your choices as if you were designing the items yourself!

*Everything is a choice.  I chose to work in my world.  I work from home and express my ideas freely in a peaceful, non-toxic space.  All collections are messages for everyone everywhere about Love.  Everyone has the right to their own world no matter where they are or who is around.  Amor Milagre is a healthy designer’s company that is multi-directional within one overarching helpful & ethical perspective.  My upcoming style books and children’s books encourage everyone to connect with themselves and be aware of what inspires you to live in Love.  Explore my customizable collections to see what speaks to you.

Amor Milagre Spring Fashion Personal Style 2019 Cream Blush Pink vanilla bean espadrilles colour mood Ethical Handmade Gift Shop Art Apparel Organic Vegan Women's design
Organic Vegan Vanilla Bean Pudding Recipe Coming Soon in my Upcoming Cookbook Collection.

‘Finding your neutral’ is an important foundational step in building a helpful, beautiful wardrobe and a healthy mindset.  When are you in neutral?  Deep breathing and yoga stretching is my neutral.  What colour is breathing to me?  A cream sweater can excite the senses like a vanilla bean.  What recipes can you make with your wardrobe?  Where will your shoes take you today?

Designer Tip of the Day:  Trends and Finding Your Neutrals

(Featured in my Upcoming Design Book).

~What colours are your ‘neutrals?’  Which colours do you feel the most yourself in?  Are they soothing or invigorating?  These would be good colours for your sleepwear, too.  Colour and texture can help unwind your day for a good night’s rest.  If you work from home, like I do, wearing “my neutral colours” helps center and focus the mind for working in between the parenting/family routines every day.  It also reminds me to take little rests for meditation, tea breaks, and healthy routines to keep our days balanced.

~You may like a trend, but anything that doesn’t suit your skin tone, body shape, or evolving personal style doesn’t have to come home to your closet.  Perhaps there is a way to express a bigger trend in a smaller way:  a colour, a shape, a texture, a print…on say a smaller accessory piece like a scarf.

~If you are choosing a trend from this season, think about if you’ll wear it long term.  Consider the quality, price, and how you can mix it in with your classic pieces.  Has this trend re-circled in time often or it is too out there to be a good investment piece.  Most importantly, do you like it?  To wear for a long time?

~If you are investing in a fleeting trend, just for fun, how easily can you resell the piece when you are no longer interested in it?

~Which colours are already in your wardrobe?

~If you wear a trend, can we still see you or only the trend?  Is it complementary to your unique beauty?  Oftentimes, trends are splashy and exciting in a shop/webpage, but you can tell when you wear it at home or out if it is right for you.  It is exciting when a trend you love and fits you well is in style.  Still, try to find ethical pieces as some items are made better than others.  If you want to try a certain trend, but are unsure of how long you’d wear it, trying it in ‘your neutral’ colour could help prolong the use.  This can also boost confidence by putting you at ease in your favourite colour mood.

~Save your desired items online or just in your mind, and if you remember the piece after you’ve left it, research more about it and the maker before purchasing.  Can you afford it?  The good thing about a smaller wardrobe is that you know what you have.  If there are key pieces missing, it’s easier to remember what to look for, without being clouded by doubles.

~How can you clean, mend, and revive your items from last Spring/Summer?  Sustainability is taking care in every way so that the bigger picture is a healthy one.

~Investing in good quality, organic, non-toxic, ethically made, well-fitting items is important.  It not only affects the world, but it affects your posture, attitude, and even sometimes your confidence.  It feels good to know you are helping and not harming.  Is this healthy for your skin?  Choose carefully, take your time, and return anything that doesn’t really fit or feel good.  This also helps you later when organizing your closets so less to do and more time for new adventures out and about.  Everything is wearable, useful, and ready to wear every day!

~Finding family or individual designer companies is a healthy shopping option.  They can provide helpful customer support and, like my Amor Milagre company, design custom made-to-order items for special gifts.  Check their collections each year and help support their families by buying their products.  You can support your local businesses and organic farmers, too!

~As always, learning to sew your own clothing, suited to your ideas is really the most rewarding and sustainable way to build your wardrobe.

For more information about finding and evolving your very personal style, check back for more journal posts and new books!

Amor Milagre Spring Fashion Personal Style 2019 Cream Blush Pink table setting espadrilles colour mood Ethical Handmade Gift Shop Art Apparel Organic Vegan Women's design

How you dress your home and yourself can be thought of the same way.  Dress a table for yourself and guests.  Light and airy, inspired by Spring’s fresh breezes.  Pastel gardening clothes and flowers.  Invite your colour moods to go with you everywhere.  Have fun!  As a synesthete, I match music to my moods.  The songs are creamy, rosy pinks this week as well as the clothes and tablecloths my hands sensed for.  To be in tune with everything can be seen as a burden, but to be aware of the beauty of an empathic world is a remarkable way to live.  I hope my books, collections, and these journal posts inspire you to awaken to your unique and loving senses.  Everyone and everything is beauty and Love!

Amor Milagre Spring Fashion Personal Style 2019 Cream Blush Pink wardrobe espadrilles colour mood Ethical Handmade Gift Shop Art Apparel Organic Vegan Women's design

These colours are great for Baby & Child as they are soft and healthy, allowing the child’s radiance and natural beauty to shine!  Look a little closer, what is a healthy, beautiful item suited just for you?

Gift Guide by Colour Mood

Below is a gallery full of dreamy cream blush pink inspirations

for your home and personal, customizable gifts for your Dear Ones.

Visit My Shop to view each item’s product page.

To me these colours are:  Sweet, soft, delicate, resilient, romantic, iridescent, ethereal, restful, and cheeky.

See below how the sunlight from morning to evening can transform these hues into pure magic!


Amor Milagre Spring Fashion Personal Style 2019 Cream Blush Pink stationery shop custom colour mood Ethical Handmade Gift Shop Art Apparel Organic Vegan Women's design

Coming Up:

~The Stationery Shop with Customizable Gift Sets (Ethical, FSC Certified Papers, non-toxic inks, and original Amor Milagre designs).

~More Colour Mood fashion & personal style tip journal posts & books.

~Sylph:  A New Amor Milagre Apparel Collection, made with Ethically Sourced, Organic Cotton Fabric in Natural Cotton Colours as well as organic vegetable-dyed hues.  Pieces will be available to purchase soon for Summer 2019, here on the Organic Apparel & Toys Collection page, for women and toddlers.  Menswear and baby clothing is coming up, too!  A journal post to celebrate the release of these lovely, handmade garments will appear on this NEWS! page this Spring season.  Subscribe at the bottom of the page to stay tuned!

XOXO ~Amor Milagre


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