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Cherry Tea & Pudding Park

Amor Milagre Cherry Tea & Cacao Pudding Park Organic Vegan, Ethical Books, Art & Design

Excerpts from my upcoming healthy lifestyle book: 

Feel within to know:  You are Love!  Feel within honestly and clearly.  Feel all around you with all of your senses.  Lead yourself into good health and be inspired each moment of your life to be awake to the beauty of the universe.  Awareness and kindness are powerful.  Knowing that you are responsible for things you allow is also powerful.  You can decide to say yes or no, and move into what you need.  Start small.  I romanced my tea with cherries, and that inspired a cherry cacao pudding.  This inspired smiles for Dear Ones, and then a quietly exciting day in nature unfolded.  A great memory to inspire all of our days ahead!  One positive step in the state of appreciation gently flows to another.  Reset your thoughts into a loving language.  This heals the world.  Your moments add up to days, weeks, a lifetime of gentle smiling actions to ripple out and inspire others to see their true, authentic selves.  Eat well, sleep well, think well, be well.  Eat plants.  Remove pollution and static.  Be harmonious with Mamma Nature.  Resolve your resistances to all, so you can attract what you wish for.  Be at peace with the transition into being truly awake.  Confidently design your own ways of living to suit your specific nature, needs, and desires.  Breathe in nature, unwind your senses into clarity, be yourself always, be Loving.  XOXO ~Amor Milagre. 

Amor Milagre Cherry Tea & Cacao Pudding Park Organic Vegan, Ethical Books, Floral dress, french market basket bag, Art & Design

Life is a practice of staying oneself amidst energy from elsewhere.  I live and learn by doing, trying, being aware, and resetting.  My writing often begins with verbs.  Verbs are a great way to talk with the self in gentle motivation.  Thank you for taking moments to read.  Books and written words have a peaceful contemplative nature about them that allows the reader to pause and feel possible connections.  Take books with you, you don’t need wifi.  Quiet your life’s energy to connect to the sun, moon and, Earth’s natural cycles that modern living is not designed to connect with well.  I always feel that the universe needs a massive break to unwind, a massive change back to Nature.  Take a break today, unplug, lay and rest your senses, let go, and feel that you are Love.  Live this always.  Play an instrument, sing, draw, meditate, walk, dance.  Listen to the rain.  “Slow down, you’re spinning.  Go rest and be still to hear that your inner self is asking for help,” she cries down.  Be still and listen to all to connect, and stay connected as you move.  There is no need for suffering.  Be well.

Amor Milagre Cherry Tea & Cacao Pudding Park Organic Vegan, Ethical Books, Royal Albert Teacup, Art & Design

Cacao cherries kissing teacups, wild cherries rolling on the plate, cinnamon in everything!

Amor Milagre Cherry Tea & Cacao Pudding Park Organic Vegan, Ethical Books, Royal Albert Teacups, Art & Design

The cherry-cacao pudding recipe (organic vegan) appears in my upcoming organic vegan cookbook.  The cherry tea you can do right now, (while anticipating the cookbook release).  I placed the seed pits, from the cut cherries in the pudding, in a tea diffuser that sits in the hot tea for 10 minutes.  My usual vanilla licorice tea absorbed not only the fresh flavour of these luscious organic cherries, but the rainbow red pink tint from the cherry juice.  The taste is amazing and delicately sweet.  You can also have just the cherry-infused water, hot or cold, and add in any fruit you like.  Cherries have many nutritional health benefits, but naturally aiding in peaceful sleep is my favourite one.  Cacao is a superfood that helps with this, too.  Many cultures use cherries as a natural sweetener.  In Russia, they often sweeten tea using whole cherry syrup.  No need for sugar that injures health.  Leave honey for the bees.  Opt for nature’s gifts of beauty!

More organic vegan recipes are coming soon!  I’ve been focusing on book releases this summer, but will be adding a variety of posts here this fall/winter.  Each year has a theme.  This year is a ‘catch up and release’ year.  Next year is a ‘release and rejuvenate’ year, and hopefully that theme continues on and on each year after that.  Many organic no-dig gardening shares are in the mix as well.  Lots of books & new artwork collections…always.

Amor Milagre Cherry Tea & Cacao Pudding Park Organic Vegan, Ethical Books, Royal Albert Teacups, hydrangea, Art & Design

As the teacup moves, the colours change in a beautiful ombre rainbow.  Teach children about the textures, colours, and flavours of nature.  Let them run wild and free under the trees.  Parks with shady trees provide a relaxing outting setting for parents.  Pull up your quilts and blankets, and explore Nature’s details in fresh air.  The most natural settings are even better and teach us that being natural is the natural order.  The rain washes the “dust” away, unlike in our homes, the natural cycle is the best way, and there is no “dust” or busy work, just being yourself.  Ocean breezes are great for improving health.  The glorious gifts of Nature are always there, waiting for you to connect with and adore.

Amor Milagre Cherry Tea & Cacao Pudding Park Organic Vegan, Ethical Books, Straw hat, tree seeds, Art & Design

The magic of flight!  We’ve been admiring the way each type of seed we sow flies into their new bed of Earth.  Milkweed seeds have magical, silky unicorn tails that fold out of a perfect cone when the pod opens to spread new life for next year.  Airy soft and weightless.  These maple helicopters are a favourite from childhood.  So many plants to marvel at, play with, feel, and grow.

Amor Milagre Cherry Tea & Cacao Pudding Park Organic Vegan, Ethical Books, Trees, Straw Hat, Art & Design

An excerpt from my upcoming book about Sustainable Design, Fashion, & Personal Style: 

It’s lovely to see more of my favourite fashion & style wardrobe ideas in the shops these days.  I don’t follow current trends, but I am up on them, and seldom do I see quality pieces made with care, but when I do, it may become an inspiration or a lifetime piece for my small personal collection to use daily.  One doesn’t need much, just functionality, quality, great fit, and something that speaks to you.  A hat for cooler weeks, one for warmer ones.  Dresses that can fly free in the wind or layer and walk in the snow.  Choose wisely for yourself.  Who made your desired?  How long will it last?  What is it made of?  Is this a healthy idea for the maker, for you, for your skin, body, and soul?  Wardrobes that are easy to keep track of and care for are effortless when choosing daily outfits.  Keep what fits you beautifully, sell what doesn’t.  Pay some bills or save money for a future item, so when you come across it naturally, you’re at ease and perhaps able to afford it.  Why are you attracted by something?  Is it just somehow familiar, and therefore oddly comforting, or do you really like it?  Something made well with Love and healthy materials, by someone paid more than fairly, doesn’t have to cost a lot or next to nothing.  Find balances in all the details of your life.  Store items well to last long, clean with care, and enjoy.  The same goes for all you choose from a bicycle to your words to shoes.  How can your choose a healthy life for you and the universe?  What can you enjoy making for yourself?  Your choices are yours.”  xoxo ~Amor Milagre

Fill up your senses with a picnic in the woods, yard, garden, or park.  Fly around and explore!  Being in vast nature is calming for the soul.  “Breathe in Love, Breathe out Love!  Live in the Light!”

(View my disclaimer here for the protection of my original content.  Being loving is respecting yourself and others.  Happy to inspire, but not to be a silent doormat.  A life’s work of positivity can still be protected.  Boundaries are important for a life of Love and peace.  What does your true, inner voice say?  What is your own story?)


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