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Empathic Universal Messages

Amor Milagre Presents The Bookshop Empath Universal Messages, ethical original children's book artwork

Good Evening Dear Ones, I hope your summer is kind and a breath of fresh air.  I’ve been sharing excerpts from my upcoming books on my Amor Milagre company Facebook page, and as always on this site,  For a fuller sense of my empathic messages, please view my A Gentle Life Book Collections, which will soon include a new healthy, organic life book series to help everyone with daily moments and positive living.  All of my books are gently illustrated and ethically handmade to order with Love.  Below are a few of the excerpts.  All of the posts, products, books, films, and more at Amor Milagre reflect the new book messages as well.  Everything is connected here and everywhere.  More soon, ~Amor Milagre


Life is practice. There is no end or place of “perfection.” No need to procrastinate or create chaos over the long road ahead. There is no road, there is only you, living each moment where you are. Look within, and see: You are Love! Keep practicing, being kind to yourself and others. Shape your stories into ones you Love! ~Amor Milagre.


Let’s allow our worlds to be kind, loving, compassionate, and beautiful for all living here, in honour of all that were here, and for everyone to come! Our moments shape futures for all. Humans are equal and all love nature. Nature loves all. Be yourself, be Love! ~Amor Milagre, (For more, read & view my A Gentle Life Collections. For a lot more, examine your soul gently asking, “how are you, what do you need?” Listen and respond with pure Love.)


Take gentle care of your children. They are Love. They are goodness and are everything peaceful. They show you how simple it is for life to be loving. Always stay, and be real pure Love for yourself, for children, for the universe. ~Amor Milagre


Take gentle care of your children and yourself. Communicate sacredness, respect, and real Love. Let everything good be seen, shared, and inspire more of the same. The Love everyone is searching for is within, and of the soul. Take intelligent, gentle care of your whole being. Find strength in healthy ways, for you are Light. Shine and Love! ~Amor Milagre. (There was only ever a need and want for positivity. Be Love, heal the world.)


Romance is for you, for the every day, all the time…in everything you do, say, breathe, and are… ~Amor Milagre


Clarity accumulates from feeling and sensing in the moment. How do you feel?


Universal Message: Listen to the whole idea, you might be missing the true meaning. Keep boundaries but not defensiveness or resistance, listen and communicate with loving language.  More about this topic is coming up in my self-health and organic lifestyle books at ~Amor Milagre


To my fellow INFJ’s, remember: you are Love, set boundaries, and heal yourself with water, fresh air, grounding down to the Earth, healthy organic plant foods, sleep, and relaxing meditative daily routines. More at   (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Personality type INFJ-T, the advocate, empath, diplomat)


The Gentle Life Book Collection features many organic lifestyle habits and routine inspiration for a loving, gentle, beautiful life! Books and all products are lovely for all ages, 0-1000! Start children off in good health for a lifetime of pain-free, amazing adventures. Happy summer of Mamma Nature’s gorgeous wonders! ~Amor Milagre


Amor Milagre books include helpful, gentle inspiration for setting boundaries, sorting emotions, and designing your routine to suit your unique needs and dreams. ‘A Day with Sage’ is a good book to start with for developing a healthy inner voice, ‘Antonia’s Bakery’ helps you design your dreams and shows how they can come true, and ‘Sage in Winter’ inspires the beauty, fun, and gratitude of simple pleasures and helping others by inspiring real Love. More at


New Books for all ages are coming soon!  I’ll also be posting new recipes shortly.  Happy August!


Music of the Moment:  I walk a little faster (underwater), Fiona Apple (beautiful underwater dance), Songwriters: Carolyn Leigh / Cy Coleman