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Spring Style 2018

Amor Milagre Spring Fashion Personal Style 2018 Non-toxic, Sustainable Fashion Organic Vegan, Art & Design

Spring to your wardrobe and sort out what is truly you, fits you well, and inspires lightness, kindness, and enhances your natural beauty.  Sell or donate the rest.  Learn about what colour tones and hues are right for you and your home.  Colour has a massive impact on our impression and way of living.  We wear mostly creams, pale pinks, peaches, and whites.  We also plant flower seeds of the same colours in our garden, and paint walls to compliment our skin tones, pajamas, and hats.  It’s all connected…so I like to coordinate it harmoniously for a peaceful home life. 

Choose soft, healthy fabrics as your skin absorbs whatever is on it.  Make clothes by hand and/or check the company brand for more information about the fabric, how they treat & pay their makers, what kind of dyes they use, and where the materials come from.  If the information isn’t listed on their site, contact them with questions.  How durable is an item?  Choose items that speak to your authentic self.  Who are you and what do you love?  What helps you feel amazing?  Which items are made well and will last?  Which fabrics are you allergic to?  Which fabrics are detrimental to the environment, workers, and wearers?

Sustainable style is not just about how items are made, but how they live on in your life.  All ages deserve healthy clothes on their beautiful skin.  A wardrobe with a few items, of lovely quality that are made with care for all, is a great tool for a joyous lifestyle.  This is a great formula to use when buying anything.  Take time and loving thought to assess the seemingly invisible questions faced when buying even a tomato.  The fashion industry, and all industries, need to switch over to sustainable practices for the workers and customers.  Help give them an incentive to transition now, research your items before purchasing, ask questions, give feedback, and watch how the world will change for the better.  This, in turn, will make shopping easier for customers to find what they’re looking for.  ‘Hunting’ is not a restful or healthy practice, whether shopping in person or online, it’s overstimulating for the senses.  The shops can be set up to embrace the senses, instead of overwhelm them.

If you would like help with your personal style, please message us for professional fashion & style design advice & tips.

Amor Milagre’s new original, handmade, organic, non-toxic apparel (all ages) & toy collections are coming soon!  View some of last season’s collection in our shop here!

For more information and inspiration about these topics, please check back for our upcoming fashion design & lifestyle books.


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