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Grow Your Own Fresh Organic Real Plant-Based Food

Amor Milagre Grow your Own Fresh Organic Real Plant-Based Food No-Dig Garden Vegan, Art & Design amormilagre

Grow a beautiful year-round garden to provide yourself with your own fresh, organic, real, plant-based food.  Bask in the organic natural beauty of plants.  Their language is something wonderful to share.  Children adore tending their plants and eating them, too.  Fill your senses up with their shapes, colours, flavours, textures, sounds, scents.  Listen to them and help them thrive.  Every day of growth is a miracle to be respected and nurtured. 

Real plant foods taste amazing.  Get to know what real food offers:  better overall health in every way and amazing flavours.  Taste a fresh carrot, fresh lettuce greens, a fresh vegetable soup!  It’s easier, it’s delicious, it’s a beautiful lifestyle.  Stretch and breathe in good health, breathe out love for yourself, your family, the Earth, and love for everything around you.  Be real, be purely you, unlimited, unharmed, awake, and truly alive.  Know yourself, listen to your body, and respond with gentle love and mindful care.  Be love!  ~Amor Milagre.  (This and other healthy topics are featured in our upcoming book collections for all ages.  We’re so excited to share them very soon!)

Amor Milagre Grow your Own Fresh Organic Real Plant-Based Food No-Dig Garden 1 Vegan, Art & Design amormilagre

To Plant

Save or buy organic, non-GMO seeds.  Plant them in organic, plant-based compost (homemade or bought).  Water (with saved rainwater if you can).  Use green and/or reusable materials.  No-dig compost gardening is simple and fantastic.  Use your body/hands and your senses as gardening tools.  Check on your plants, speak with Love.  Balance water, sunshine, and fresh air.  Grow outside if you can.  Start inside if your summers are short.  Grow plants inside all year for fresh herbs, veggies, and more!

Starting seeds costs less than buying more mature plants.  You can grow many more plants.  You save money and benefit from helping your plants grow, ensuring the best quality and strength for them.  They heal you and lend these qualities to you, too.  Breathe them in.  Pot them or plant them when they outgrow their space.  Tend until ready to harvest.  Many plants can keep going throughout the season, and some can be brought back inside for colder months.  Research your seeds, plants, their life cycle, health benefits, and optimal ways to prepare for maximum nutrition.  Enjoy the beautiful botanical realm we can live in again.

Amor Milagre Grow your Own Fresh Organic Real Plant-Based Food No-Dig Garden 2 Vegan, Art & Design amormilagre

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Inspirational Share:  Why it’s so important to eat a vegan plant-based diet.

There are so many books, videos, and documentaries to watch about this topic.

Form your own opinion based on the information shared, and move gently into good health.


We’ll release our children’s books and books for all ages very soon!

Inspirational healthy lifestyle ideas and examples are woven in with lovely stories and characters.