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Cacao Banana Hazelnuts Recipe and Photography by Organic Recipes, Vegan, Healthy. Artwork, Stationery, Organic Apparel, and Custom Gifts, Dessert.

Cacao Banana Hazelnuts

Unwind in simple decadence with this sweet dessert.

Non-GMO, organic, local, vegan ingredients:

Slice up a banana, arrange some whole hazelnuts, and drizzle over some melted cacao.  (Optional:  Mix 1 tsp of raw sustainable coconut oil in with the cacao for easy drizzling.  100% cacao no sugar added, melted over a double boiler/a bowl over simmering water).  Sprinkle over some crushed/blended hazelnuts.  A quick cook so you can enjoy!

Music of the Moment:  El Condor pasa. Rainforest Recital with the Paganini Duo Performed at Jenolan Caves, Australia.