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Bone Broth and Green Chicken Soup

Bone Broth, Green Chicken Soup Recipe and Photography by Original Artwork Spring Tree Watercolor in our SHOP!
Bone Broth, Green Chicken Soup Recipe and Photography by Original Artwork Spring Tree Watercolor in our SHOP!

A broth scented home is delicious and sleepy.  It has such flavor, is not salty, and heals you in the depth of your soul!

The benefits of making a bone broth from chicken, fish, or beef bones are:

Rich in minerals that are easy to digest and support the immune system.  Bone broth is an excellent source of several essential amino acids that are often difficult to get from diet alone.  It contains healing compounds like collagen, glutamine (gut health, skin, and if you have dairy issues), glycine (muscle repair/growth, blood sugar regulation, digestion), and proline (skin and heart). The collagen in bone broth will heal your gut lining and reduce intestinal inflammation, as well as supporting hair, skin, and nail health.  Broth enhances the absorption of nutrients from other foods as well.  It also contains glucosamine, chondroitin sulphates and other compounds that support joint health.

Add the broth into other dishes such as a quiche (instead of using milk), this green chicken soup, risotto, or other recipes that call for chicken or beef broth.

This is a wonderful, nourishing broth for all ages, whether you’re sick or healthy.  The option of adding liver is great for adding extra iron to your diet.  (Delicious for one of baby’s first foods.  Check with your pediatrician first for your baby’s specific health needs as everyone is different.  Serve in a very small medicine syringe, as spoons would make a mess.  The pureed broth with the liver is great for iron.  Try one ingredient at a time, in small amounts, to check for food allergies, first just the broth, then the pureed, liquid broth with the liver.  Just follow the usual guidelines of small amounts of one food, trying once in morning, and watch for food allergies, consulting your doctor for allergy tests/questions and instructions for your baby’s specific needs, age, and development.)

Bone Broth, Green Chicken Soup Recipe and Photography by

Bone Broth

Non-GMO, organic, local, free range, grass-fed ingredients:

Chicken bones (necks/backs-spine that still has some meat on them), roasted first for a better flavor bone broth, or use the carcass after roasting a whole chicken and removing the good meat. (Beef or fish bones are good too.)  We asked our local butcher at the grocery shop for Non-GMO, local, organic, free range, grass fed chicken bones.


Optional:  2-4 tbsp of Apple Cidar Vinegar (to pull gelatin out more)

High quality organic Liver (frozen)


Place bones, water, (and vinegar if you choose), in a large pot to fill enough, but leave room for simmering bubbles.  Place lid on for the beginning during heat up stage on low heat, then tip lid slightly open to let steam out if desired.

Cook for several hours or longer 12-48 hours, then strain the bones out to be composted.  They will be very weak and crumble, so the easiest way to strain them is to set up a large bowl with a strainer over top, and pour the broth in making sure not to overflow.

(Long periods of cooking extract the minerals and nutrients out, but if you only have time for 40 minutes to 2 hours that is ok and considered more of a regular broth which is still rich in protein, but thinner.  A stock is cooked for 3-4 hours and high in minerals and gelatin.)  Store in glass container with lid in the refrigerator.  You can also freeze it in glass pyrex dishes with lids as well.

If desired, grate some frozen organic liver with a zester into the broth.  Put liver back into the freezer well wrapped/freezer bagged.  Simmer until liver is a light brown and cooked well.  I pureed this in the blender after it cooled.  (It fizzes up and then settles.)  This gives the broth a boost of iron.

Have broth like this, or add in anything you like:  vegetables, garlic, herbs, meat, hard cheese.

Bone Broth, Green Chicken Soup Recipe and Photography by Original Artwork Green Sea Watercolor in our SHOP!
Bone Broth, Green Chicken Soup Recipe and Photography by Original Artwork Green Sea Watercolor in our SHOP!


Green Chicken Soup

Non-GMO, organic, local, free range, grass-fed ingredients:

Using the bone broth in the recipe above, add a whole chopped up celery stalk as well as a whole chopped up broccoli stalk.  Cook until the pieces begin to become softened, but not mushy.  Add in a few tsp of ground ginger and a few cups of spinach.  Cook until the spinach is slightly wilted.  Add some freshly ground pepper.  Eat the soup as is, or remove from heat until cool enough to go into the blender or food processor.  Puree the soup and pour back into the pot.  (If very thick, eat as is or add some more broth to your liking of soup thickness.  If thick, as often the leftovers become, you can have as a side dish or as a dip or spread with flat bread.)

Ladle out some lovely green healthiness into a bowl, and grate some parmigiano reggiano cheese on top (a zester works well for grating light curls of cheese.)  Add in some cous cous (Mix 1 cup of cous cous and 1 cup boiling broth or water in a bowl, cover and let sit for a few minutes, then fluff with fork.  Any food that is hot is best in non-plastic bowls, as plastic transfers its’ particles into your food.  Also, if you use a microwave, perhaps research how it affects food and nutrients, as well as safety for certain plastic containers and microwaves.  We chose not to have a microwave.  We find that it is satisfying in many ways to cook things on the stove.  Ceramic, glass, and metal mixing bowls are great to use for cooking/baking.)

Add in some chopped up roasted chicken.  (Place chicken breasts or a whole chicken in a roasting or glass pan.  Drizzle olive oil, add salt and pepper, and bake in a 350 degree oven for 35 minutes to 1.5 hours depending on the size and amount of chicken you have.  Check to make sure cooked through.  Let cool and chop up for soup and other dishes.)

Bone Broth, Green Chicken Soup Recipe and Photography by



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