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Garden Wraps

Garden Wraps Recipe, Photography by

Garden Wraps

What is your favorite flavor in the garden?

These are great for lunch or dinner.  All ages enjoy this dish.  Pick the ingredients outside, assemble, and take it back out into the fresh garden air for an inspired meal.

Garden Wraps Recipe, Photography by llustrated 'G' Garden Letter now in our SHOP!
Garden Wraps Recipe, Photography by llustrated ‘G’ Garden Letter now in our SHOP!


Non-GMO, organic, local, free range, grass-fed ingredients.

Note from 7-16:  We don’t use whole wheat flour wraps anymore for optimal health.  There are other options such as seaweed, corn, etc.  We now just have it without wraps as a lovely salad.

1.  Place an Organic Vegetable Wrap on a plate.  (You can serve either cold/room temp or toasted/melted in pan.  If pregnant, sometimes the cold stays/sits the best.)  ***Make sure to find healthy organic wraps, otherwise eat your salad mixture on it’s own for optimal nutrition.

2.  Spread some mashed olives or avocado around in the center leaving a few inches around the edges bare.

3.  Take organic lettuce/spinach/swiss chard/dark leafy greens from your garden or market and place in the center.

4.  Add in chopped up baked organic chicken/cold tuna/warm or cold cooked organic, grass fed beef, or just your favorite veggies.  (Avoid feta and other soft cheese if pregnant and in general.)  Add in some cut up carrot peelings or other veggies, if you like too.  (If serving hot, you can put in mashed steamed/ cut baked sweet potatoes and other root or garden veggies.  I think parsnips are on the “no list” for pregnancy.  Hard boiled eggs are great as well.  If not pregnant, you can enjoy spiced/more seasoned flavors.)

5.  Lightly salt and pepper.  Add in mint, basil, dill, or another favorite herb.  (If pregnant, check which herbs are safe to eat and which to avoid.)

6.  Lightly drizzle some organic olive oil.  (If serving hot, first toast the wrap, then add warm ingredients, can toast again or fold and serve.

***Trick to folding:  Fold two sides in a little bit, then wrap up from the bottom.  This helps with leaks.  Don’t overfill unless you don’t mind eating with a fork.

Garden Wraps Recipe, Photography by

Make this as simple or as mixed as you like.  Don’t forget about all of those holiday leftovers.  Thanksgiving or Christmas dishes in a wrap…delicious!