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Basil Ravioli

Basil Ravioli Recipe, Photography by

Basil Ravioli

Non-GMO, organic, local, free range, grass-fed ingredients:

Note from 7-16:  We don’t use soft cheese, flour, or noodles in our cooking anymore for optimal health.  This ragu is still very healthy!

Add some fresh basil picked from the garden.  Tear over your ravioli (homemade with beef/chicken/seafood/veggies like sweet potato or pumpkin), add a few raw or steamed green beans tossed in olive oil and pepper.

Your body will love the nutrients from the basil.  You can even take a few leaves and pour hot water into a tea mug.  The light green water is rejuvenating.  Basil tea…add in rosemary and mint too if you grow them.

(Easy to grow herbs:  Buy a few non-GMO seed packages and plant in a bit of soil.  Set in the sun either outside or by a window.  Keep warm, and water.  Voila!  Fresh Basil for your dinner.  We grow basil in the garden.  They love the sun and grow to be 6 feet + tall.)

Sauce (Meat optional)

Start with a large sauce pan and saute some minced garlic in a few tbsp of organic olive oil until soft.  Add in a can of organic tomato sauce and a can of crushed or plum tomatoes too or a bunch of fresh tomatoes.  Simmer until smooth and scents your home, about 25-45 min.  Add in some drained cooked beef (organic, grass fed, local, non-GMO) to make the ragu, stir in your organic homemade pasta cooked al dente, top with parmigiano reggiano cheese, and voila! (We use a zester to grate the cheese for a lighter texture.)

I’ll be posting the homemade ravioli recipe soon.