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Windy Afternoon

Amor Milagre Windy Afternoon Nature Healing Organic Vegan Non-Toxic natural Recipe

Sometimes all you need is to wander out to vast nature to satisfy the balance of your soul’s simple palette.  One very windy afternoon, we went exploring.  The air in huge gusts of warm winds swirled in every direction.  The leaves shimmered, the water sprayed, and we filled our lungs with the beauty all around us.  No lists, just walking.  Knowing that we can go off to these other worlds any weekend filled our spirits with smiles and calm.  Nature’s rhythms create simple recipes that always delight and leave you feeling light and one again.  You’re ageless and free to have new conversations together and with the trees.  Run, laugh, explore, in Love.


Music of the Moment:  Long, long, long, The Beatles